Film Lines

KET offers the unique advantage of high-end Blown Film machinery at globally competitive prices backed by a worldwide extensive Sales and Service Networks.

High output Monolayer, 3 Layer, 5 Layer, 7 Layer Blown Film Lines, with output up to 1000 kgs/hr and up to 4000 mm film widths. Complete Lines with 19 mm to 180 mm extruders depending upon the required output and layer ratio. These are fully loaded Lines with computer control, gravimetric dosing systems, film thickness measurement and control etc.

Multilayer Blown Film Line - 3,5,7 Layer

Blown film lines are available in various combinations to cater to your various applications. These lines can also be customized to suit your applications to the optimum level.

Multilayer Films are used for varied crucial applications in flexible packaging, which demand vital film properties like dart impact, strength, puncture resistance, hot tack strength, gloss, etc.

  • Liquid Packaging : Water, Milk, Oil, Ghee, Liquor
  • Food Packaging : Wheat flour, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Cereals
  • Lamination Film: Biscuits, Chips, Chocolates, Confectionary, snacks, spices, etc.
  • Shrink Film & stretch Wraps
  • Hygiene and medical Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging: Lubrication oil pouch, Grease, Chemical packaging, etc.
  • Auto profile film thickness control
  • Gravimetric dosing system
  • Bubble Scanner
  • ExtruTouch Control System - UL-CSA Approved
Coex Blown Film Line

KET offers compact CoEX – A/B and A/B/A Blown Film Lines with the best combination of technology & performance.

A/B Film Plant

Two layer Blown film extrusion lines are manufactured to adapt to a broad range of applications and outputs. The plant is a rugged and compact model - very space saving. CO EX BLOW comes with advanced technology like the grooved Feed Technology, PID Temperature controllers, and AC Frequency Drives. CO EX BLOW can also be integrated with additional advanced features like the - Vertical Oscillation Haul Off - which is mostly seen in the Multilayer Blown Film Lines. Sheet Winder which improves the winding quality and the speed of the plant.

A/B/A Blown Film Plant

A-B-A range of co-ex blown film line has a slight twist to the conventional 2 layer co extrusion lines. In a traditional set up the line consist of normal blown film plant accessories with 2 extruders, and the output is a two layer blown film.

  • In this series, with a slight change in the die head design, one can manufacture 3 layer blown film line in a standard conventional 2 layer co – extrusion line. The output produced will be a three layer film with top and bottom layer of the same material and a different centre layer.
  • It is a boon for typical application like shopping bags with a finished printing surface on both the sides adding value to the end product. Once can also use reground material in the centre layer – cutting the competition.
  • An aid if an application requires only 2 layers – e.g. 2 coloured bags. One can change the die head and transform A/B/A co- ex to A/B co- ex.
  • The line is very beneficial to one looking for 2 layer co extrusion blown film line can upgrade to this series and attain more advantage then the conventional 2 layer co- extrusion line.
Monolayer Film Plant

KET offers rugged Compact Monolayer Blown Film Lines with best combination of technology and performance.


KET offers rugged Compact Monolayer Blown Film Lines with best combination of technology and performance. These low investment, power efficient, high - speed plants, gives processors the competitive edge and quick return on their investment. Monolayer lines give higher specific output per screw RPM and is offered with grooved feed technology for forward movement of raw material and Candle type screen changer which ensuring wastage control and long production runs.