Penta Autofeeding India offers latest extrusion solutions and auto-feeding systems for PVC & Profile applications. Penta specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of large-scale systems for storage and handling of raw materials and ingredients in powdered form used mainly in the plastics and food and beverage industries.

Besides technology, their strengths lies in the efficiency, the optimization of design and production as well as the customer service. Penta’s products & solutions are targeted to PVC dry blend manufacturers, compounders and companies within the extrusion sector.

  • Totally dust-free & maintenance-free autofeeding systems
  • Reliable hardware & software
  • Repeatability – same formulation for every batch
  • Consistent quality
  • Less human intervention – negligible scope for error
Key Benefits

Depending on the formulations used and level of automation solutions for auto-feeding and material handling.