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Welcome To Our Products Section!

Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd (KET) has been playing an active role in manufacturing and supplying Extrusion Lines for Plastic Pipes.

In Collaboration with battenfeld-cinicinnati, KET has been bringing the most modern technology to pipe processors. While offering cost effective solution, Kabra has a great understanding of processors’ needs.

KET’s wide model range of extrusion lines for uPVC, cPVC, HDPE, PPR pipes are preferred choice of processors in many countries.

KET’s glorious journey as Plastic Extrusion Machine manufacture commenced 5 decades ago. It still feels energetic while introducing innovative solution to pipe makers around the world. Kabra has been consistently following and promoting a tradition of customer support.

Importance & benefits of Plastic Pipes

Plastic pipes are economical compared to the metal and other conventional materials. They are light – weight. They possess higher resistance characteristics to rust and chemicals. They are available in longer lengths and require less number of joints thus facilitating higher speed and reduced leakage. Their smooth internal surface offers less friction to the fluid being conveyed and so less energy is consumed for the process. As they are light –weight, their shipment and installation is economical and easier. Plastic pipes display good elastic properties. Their adaptability to earth movement is superior.

Plastic pipes have become increasingly popular in drinking water transportation, irrigation, building construction, infrastructure development, and gas transportation segments.

KET manufactures complete extrusion lines with optimally matched components, sophisticated automation concepts and tailor-made solutions enabling processors to consistently produce high quality end products. Twin Screw Extruders are crucial for the efficient extrusion of quality PVC pipes. A wide range of products are made on these extruders. They are offered with Screw diameters 52 mm to 168 mm to give output ranges from 120 to 2,000 kgs/hr.

Kolsite - Battenfeld Single Screw Extruders are offered for extrusion of polyolefin (HDPE, HDPE PLB ducting, PP, PP-R & LLDPE, LDPE) pipes. The extruders with screw diameters 45 mm to 220 mm are available for output range 140 to 2,300 kgs/hr. The Next Generation Extruders with a combination of Barrier Screw and grooved feed bush results into higher output rates, homogeneous plasticizing and less material slippage.

The advantages are manifold:

  • Higher output rates.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Wider range of processing applications due to longer L/D ratio.
  • Superior physical properties of end product.

Automation plays a very important role in extrusion process control. A good control & automation system not only ensures safety & ease of operation but also provides accurate information in terms of quality, process parameters and helps in optimizing the production process. KET offers control & automation systems designed for central & efficient operation of extrusion lines with open & close loop control.

KET offers complete set of downstream equipment for small, standard & large diameter pipe range for PVC & PO pipe extrusion lines.

KET offers the unique advantage of high-end Blown Film machinery at globally competitive prices backed by a worldwide extensive Sales and Service Networks. High output Monolayer, 3 Layer and 5 Layer Blown Film Lines, with output up to 800 kgs/hr and up to 3300 mm film widths. Complete Lines with 50 mm to 180 mm extruders depending upon the required output and layer ratio. These are fully loaded Lines with computer control, gravimetric dosing systems, film thickness measurement and control etc.
KET offers hi-tech and standardized solutions for Drip tube extrusion lines, Profile, PVC Pelletizing & Compounding applications. The cutting edge technology powered by value engineering makes it possible to achieve highest level of performance.

Processing flexibility with Modular construction

Different torque and motor capacity options makes it easy to select right extruder for process needs.

Higher torque density is offered in its class leading to high flexibility in using extruder to process very wide range of formulations.

Longer life through reliable components

Heavy duty gear box in its class. High torque aailability helps with processing and longer operating life. Barrel segments with bi-metallic liners. Screw elements available with various metallurgy.

Dependable after Sales Service

Challenging processing conditions with compounding needs very strong and efficinet serice support. Traditionally strong after sales serice of Kabra Extrucsiontechnik through unique initiative of KOLSITE KONNECT feels operating staff at home

filler diameter
twin screw

  • Counter-rotating, non-intermeshing rotors to process wide variety of polymers.
  • Excellent for processing difficult materials to pulverize like PP & PET.
  • Suitable for both Pre-mixed as well as individual polymer granules & dey blends.Liquids canbe injected directly into mixing chamber.
  • Split type opening body chamber for ease of maintenance.
  • Hydrulically controlled Orifice Gate at infinite positions to help with diffrent process conditions.
  • due to larger opening and higher free volume, compounds with higher filler loading is easy to process.
  • Energey efficient system with lower operating costs compared to other processing techniques.
  • Raw Materials Management Automation is easy to adapt.

Electro Motive Shear Gap Adjustment (EMS)

This Feature allows operator to adjust shear gap by moving barrel with respect to screws. Desired shear rate rate can be achieved during start - up process as well as in process helping operator to adjust processing conditions, System provides high degree of flexibility to process wide range of both rigid and soft PVC compounds.

Fluidized Bed Pellet Cooler (FBC)

Compared to conventional air cooled pellet system, FBC works noise level < 85 dB. Pressure conveying system and breaker fan ensures separation of pellets in case if they stick to each other. Built-in classifire ensures correct final pellet size for packing.

Combination of SAGA and FBC is perfect to achieve highest versatility together with compound output. Energy Saving offered by the whole system is substantially higher compared to other technology platforms under use

New Products from Kabra Extrusiontechnik

1.    Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Lines

2.    Belling & Socketing Machines

3.    Pipe Extrusion Lines for Foam Core Pipes

4.    Pipe Extrusion Lines for lead free compounds and processing applications

5.    Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders

6.    High Speed Telecom Micro-duct Lines and Bundled Sheathing Lines 

7.    POD Multilayer Lines

To Know More, Contact us:,

Call us at: +91 22 26734822

Technical Collaboration


  • Proven Technology at Competitve prices
  • Ease of Set-up and consistency of Production
  • Direct water coolng and vacuum technology in each mould block
  • Compact open horizontal design most effective heat transfer
  • Ease of making Inline cuff
  • Short change overtime
  • Low maintenance cost due to superior built-up
  • Auto-retraction of corrugator in event of power failure
  • single source supply for entire extrusion line
  • Excellent After Sales Service set-up available locally

Model & Specification

Models UC 315 UC 500 UC 800
Max. PP/PE output (kg/h) 550 550 930
Max. speed (m/min) 25 7 8
Chain length(mm) 6333 6333 6333
Closed Chain (mm) 2035 1935 1935
Length (mm) 5215 6900 6900
Width (mm) 1884 4100 4100
Height (mm) 2020 2300 2300
Extrusion height (mm) 1100 1400 1400
Pipe Size Range (mm) 32(ID) - 315(OD) 95(ID) - 575(OD) 95(ID) - 800(OD)

Historically Kabra Kabra Extrusiontechnik is known for state-of-the-art pipe extrusion line for last 5 decades. Belling equipment being manufactured under joint venture with Extron Mecanor is complimenting to the efforts to offer right solution to achieve higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE).

Unique design of pipe collection and conveying allows to use single belling equipment for twin lane extrusion. Substantial space saving can be achieved.


  • High speed operation
  • Least footprint and space saving
  • Excellent reliability due to lesser part that needs maintenance
  • Increased productivity due to high speed operation resulting into ability to handle higher extrusion output.
  • Optimum investment since lesser number of lines required for high productivity
  • Automatic in-line weighing of pipes
  • Most advanced belling tool technology to achieve higher end product finish and productivity together

Technical Specification

Model MSA 160/2 MSA 250/2 MSA 400 MSA 250 MSA 160 MSA 110
Nuber of Heating Oven 2 2 1 1 1 1
Pipe Diameter Range (mm) 32 - 160 50 - 250 110 - 400 50 - 250 32 - 160 20 - 110
Socket / Hour Maximum ('O'-Ring Grooved socket) 200 180 60 90 100 100
Socket / Hour Maximum (Solvent cement Plain socket) 220 200 60 90 100 100
Socket / Hour Maximum (Elastomeric Ring socket) 170 150 50 65 75 75