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Microduct Bundled Sheathing Line

With micro duct cabling, bundles of small micro ducts are installed in larger protective ducts. Bundles of micro ducts are factory pre-installed. The micro ducts can be branched very easily in the network. At any place of choice, a window cut is made in the protective duct and the micro duct of choice is cut. This micro duct is then connected, using a simple push/pull connector, to a micro duct that branches to the desired location. After all connections are made, an individual micro duct path has been created in the network. A micro duct cable can then be jetted through the micro duct, without the need to make a splice.



With its unique micro-duct extrusion process that adheres to global standards, machine is capable of delivering consistent output of micro-duct without any change in design, configuration & characteristics of micro-duct.

Key Benefits

This extrusion line assembles and jackets bundles of microducts. The line configuration varies in the maximum number of microducts. KET offers Micro duct bundle sheathing Line from 2 ways up to 21 ways.

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