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High Speed Twin Strand PVC Conduit Line

Plastic pressure piping is used for many industrial processes, in heating and cooling systems, fire protection installations, gas distribution, and for water supply and distribution. Kabra Extrusiontechnik (KET) has introduced high speed 50 MPM (25 x 2 strands) twin conduit line for producing pipes for such applications. Currently available 90-22V conduit line is suited to produce PVC ASTM Pipes & PVC Pressure pipes mainly used in conveying electrical cables in industrial, building & construction sector.

Like every extrusion plant of KET, this plant comes as a solution to produce quality conduit pipes with maximum output, even for smaller diameter and thin wall pipes. It comes with a space saving for per Kg output so that larger quantity can be supplied in minimum lead time.



  • Production of up to 1000 conduits per hour
  • Twin screw extruder with compact die head design and reduced centre distance for obtaining better melt flow and get best melt quality.
  • Melt pressure indication is provided to keep check on melt quality at the desired pressure level and it also acts as a safety parameter for protection of screw & gear box from accidental breakage due to various reasons.
  • Effective cooling is achieved through 6M long stainless steel vacuum calibration tank Individual controlled vacuum chamber for each strand.
  • Powered with features like integrated haul-off & cutter, servo driven saw carriage and PLC based colour touch-screen automation panel, this plant considerably reduces the space required for downstream operations and therefore saves power as well. 
  • Control panel comes with unique features like output tracking, production reports, and data backup.
  • Servo driven motorized carriage ensures noiseless operation and very less weight variation between two strands.
  • It also enables improved & reliable accuracy in length cutting at high line speed and 3 m long pipes can be stacked on the trip table.

Key Benefits




  • BEX-2-90-22-V Twin Screw
  • Screw Dia : 90
  • L/D : 22 : 1
  • Screw : Water Tempering
  • Barrel : Air Cooled
  • Gear Box : 2-90 DOS PM, 22 : 4 : 1
  • Die Head :- RLK - 1D / 200

Twin Vacuum Tank


Integrated Haul-off & Cutter

HC R63 / SPR 63 E - 25

Trip Table


Automation Panel

NX 32 – 15

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