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PVC Foam Core Pipes

KET manufactures complete extrusion lines with optimally matched components, sophisticated automation concepts and tailor-made solutions enabling processors to consistently produce high quality end products.

Twin Screw Extruders are crucial for the efficient extrusion of quality PVC pipes. A wide range of products are made on these extruders. They are offered with Screw diameters 52 mm to 168 mm to give output ranges from 120 to 2,000 kgs/hr.



The extrusion system of PVC foam core pipes comprises of Main Extruder used to produce the middle foam core/compact layer and a Co-Extruder - to produce the inner and outer skin layers.  The thickness of the inner and outer layers in relation to the central pipes layer is controlled through extruder output during operation. A combined dosing and horizontal feeding unit is used to add the foaming agent.

  • Lower overall density with same volume
  • Lower cost per unit of volume
  • Increased productivity compared with Compact Pipes
  • Lower thermal conductivity (Insulating effect)

Key Benefits



BEX  2-68-28 V
BEX  2-65-22 V

BEX  2-90-25 V
BEX  2-68-28 V

Die head



Output (kg/hr)

250 - 300

450 – 500

Pipe Dia. (mm)

63 - 160

75 – 250

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